Turning to the Great Mother, Over and Over

I witnessed myself as a manifestation of Mother Earth today.

Turning to the Great Mother - Lisa Arshawsky
The power I felt from this was not ego based but grounded, pure and connected to my womanhood. My kids and I were having dinner with someone who was brought up with hate and anger in his model figures. From time to time and sometimes quite often, this comes out of him in full force as it did last night when my son decided to knock the glasses off of his head. The reaction from our friend was swift and full of loud and heated rage and in that moment, my son lost his center by internalizing this energy. Samson is 5 years old and  the only defense he had was to bury his head and fight back the tears. I could have had many reactions to this and most of them would have been justified but the reaction I did was empowering. I began speaking deliberately, slowly and calmly and told our friend that in our family that even though we are not always perfect, we try to speak to each other with love and patience and that I could see my son seemed upset by our friends outburst.

Our friend is not used to being challenged and uses anger to manipulate his environment. He was quite flustered with my direct calmness. He started to sputter blurbs about how “people just allow their children to do whatever they want and blip blip blip…..” at which time I stopped him and said that Sam is quite intelligent and present and would understand being told to be careful with his glasses. I also said that when I react with too much heat I step back and apologize to my kids as this is not the energy they will grow and thrive best with. When he continued to justify the situation with obstinance, I met him with understanding, presence and kept at him directly. I said that we were 2 adults that could discuss anything and that we would get through this.

In the past I would have cowered before such a strong personality and tried to avoid this situation at any cost or if it did happen the next and only tact in the past was to turn icy cold and NEVER let this person back in to the fold. Isn’t that what our world does? Flee, turn the other way or worse: fight power with power, justifying our actions and standing on our thrown of self-righteous indignation. But in that moment, my gut reaction was to face the situation head on and meet our friend with respect for where he was exactly while still taking care of my child’s need to be heard, and met at his own heart.

In the end, our friend apologized to Samson who met his gaze with confidence and the desire for connection. The charge was over and we got through this really great learning lesson. I got to model what true communication was for my children and I was reminded of my own strength, confidence and ability to really hold the space for where people are at.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I attribute my intention for peace in this situation to my commitment to my own spirit which I strive to nurture through yoga, meditation, chanting, movement and further creative outlets. It is my deepest belief that if each one of us turn inwards to nurture our truest nature, peace will manifest outwards in a vibrational healing across the planet. As women, we embody the powerful attributes of Mother Earth. We all carry that at our core and thus this healing is already a natural part of our nature.

This weekend I am hosting a women’s meditation and prayer circle in our home to hold space for those who don’t have a voice such as the young women who were abducted in Nigeria last month. Our planet not just needs us as women to hold steadfast to the commitment to our spirit but is screaming this demand across the plains. Join us if you are local and if not, hold your own circles of women. It is up to us to fully step into our roles as healers and spread this love to those that need it most.

This circle is donation based and 100% of the proceeds will go towards helping a local organization that invests themselves in being this change:

Harvest Home is a transitional living facility in Venice that houses pregnant homeless women throughout their pregnancy and the initial postpartum period. They provide education and hands on life skill tools to ensure the success of their lives and the lives of their children. It is a beautiful program that I personally have taught birthing classes for and a local one that exists solely from donations such as ours. Join the circle on Sunday May 25th from 2 -4 pm. RSVP at Midwifela@gmail.com

Lastly: To my friend – I know who you are inside as you are a mirror to my own humanness. To you I send love and may peace wash away the Karmic holds of our past.

Yours truly, Lisa

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