Mantra’s for Labor and Birth

March 31, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
kundalini yoga by the sea
605 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
lisa arshawsky
310 721-3381

Birth Prep with Mantras

Birth was once understood to be hold the highest potential for self-realization. Those that still safeguard this knowledge use the sound current to help us open and align with our potential. Sound and mantra are sacred practices to unlock the inner doors of our subtle energy body. When used during labor and birth, they can be one of the most profound tools we have.

This Mantra workshop with midwife and yogini, Lisa Arshawsky is for ANYONE interested in labor and birth. From expecting mothers and their partners to doulas, midwives and birth educators, this workshop will guide you into births sensorial energy through the sound current of Mantras. Mothers and those that support birth will learn how to use mantra to align their chakra’s and subtle energies to unlock and harness our truest potential. Birth requires an open vessel and mantras are a key. Come to learn and experience your own subtle energy through sacred sound.

During this workshop you will receive the why and how to use these tools of sacred sound. We will also dive into ancient mantras that are specific for birthing, passed down through the various lineages that understood birth to be one of the highest potentials for self-realization.

$35 pre-reg/ $40 at door

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