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Yoga - Lisa Arshawsky

Lisa at Shakti Fest, 2014

Do you long to feel vibrant, energized, at peace and deeply connected to the life you were meant to live? Are you struggling with some aspect of health or healing in your life?

I understand the longing for more vitality but always feeling  like that state was just out of reach. I have been walking this path of balance for many years, which is why I have devoted my life to healing holistically through integrated health practices.

Your health and sense of well-being is directly linked to your physical, mental and soul body. As your Mind, Body Soul Coach,  we will enter into a state of mindful investigation together. From there we can uncover the patterns of behavior that led you to this state of DIS-ease or that which is interfering with you achieving your very best in your inner and outer life.

Call today for a free consultation where we can personalized a program just for you and start you on the road of transformation.                                                        

Mind, Body & Soul Coaching Program

Using the support of a guide, teacher and coach can be an empowering tool for transformation. I have had many along the way myself, and deeply grateful for their help in guiding me with such loving direction. This is the care I will provide for you.

In Mind, Body, Soul Coaching, I find that an integrated approach using both ancient modalities for health and healing combined with nutritional and lifestyle changes works best.

See below for a list of services. Together, we will choose your program that will empower you with the seeds of transformation:

  • Reiki Sessionscoaching logo
  • Private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  •  Mantras and Chanting
  •  Sound Baths with Crystal Bowl Sessions
  •  Pranayama and Sacred Breath Work
  • Single Nutritional Coaching Sessions
  • Option of the Nutritional Coaching Program
  • Option of Ayurvedic Cleanse Program

Fee based on services.

Nutritional Health Coaching Program

I am a Holistic Health and Nutritional Coach, Certified through the Board of National Association for Drugless Practitioners. I have always been interested in the mind, body and soul connection and its relationship to nutrition and the power of foods. I realized from an early age the clarity of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

It’s been a long journey of experimentation with many different ways of eating where I learned there is no one right way for everyone. In order to thrive, feel vital and truly energized in this life, each of us must discover for ourselves what feels right for our own body. There is no perfection but only the desire to want more for your body, mind and soul. In other words: To want what is rightly ours as Human Beings, the experience of truly living.

Private and Corporate Programs Available.

Your Monthly Program Includes:

  • Two 50 minute Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Check-Ins by Email, Skype or Phone
  • Nutritional Program that is right for you
  • 1 Yoga and Meditation for your Health Session
  • Recipes and Grocery Shopping Coaching
  • Option of my Ayurvedic Cleanse

$300/ month

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