Nutritional Cleanse Programs

How are You Feeling?

cafe sunrise 1 a Do you feel sluggish, lack energy, feel dull or depressed? Your diet and lifestyle may be the culprit.

Most American diets are full of acidic and inflammatory foods that are low in nutritional density which can interfere with you waking up feeling energized and able to take on life’s hurdles with gusto. We eat what we want, when we want it and live under constant environmental, social and dietary stress.

Judging from the soaring rates of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer in those younger and younger, it seems that we have lost the ability to compensate effectively.  We drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, reaching for coffee, white flour, sugar and dairy to start the day and then wonder why we we feel physically, emotionally or spiritually bankrupt. It is all related.

In addition to my Mind, Body & Soul Coaching Programs, I offer private, group and corporate nutritional cleanses which are a great way to re-boot the system by giving your body the opportunity for much needed rest and rejuvenation. While there are many different kinds of cleanses, I feel strongly about the benefits of an alkaline cleanse. I have a variety of choices such as my Weekend Warrior or 8 Day Cleanse.

You are fully supported throughout the process and will absolutely love the way you feel. Give your body what it needs and call me today!

3 Day Weekend Warrior Cleanse

Organic Superfood - Lisa-Arshawsky

  • Initial 1 Hr Consultation
  • Recipes for Green Juices and Soups
  • 3 Days of Ayurvedic Herbs and Green Cleanse Prep
  • 3 Day Support via Phone, Email or Skype
  • Recommended Supplementary Practices

$108 / 3 days

*Corporate or Private Group Cleanses Available

8 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

Nutritional Cleanse Packet - Lisa Arshawsky

Nutritional Cleanse packet

  • Initial 1 Hour Consultation via Skype or in Person
  • 8 Day Full Program (Booklet Given)
  • 8 Days of Ayurvedic Herbal Support
  • Recipes for Juices, Blends, Soups and Cleanse Food
  • Email, Phone or Skype Support Throughout
  • Recommended Supplementary Practices
  • Follow-up Phone Call 1 Week After Cleanse

*All Herbal Formulas from Ancient Healing Ways

$208 / 8 days

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