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There is really nothing more spectacular than conception, pregnancy, delivery and postpartum and the angle of projection of these events in guiding and giving real direction to the child.  This is what Lisa has the greatest capacity to do in helping your children to have the most powerful, prosperous and fulfilling lives.

Guru Singh

Guru Singh Global Village

Join the thousands of women who are relating to their own inner strength and grace. Experience womanhood and motherhood as it was meant to be. Lisa’s accomplishments in life and her sensitivity and confidence in herself as a woman yields a natural capacity to empower women and assures that “The Mama Tree” will be a success. I am grateful that Lisa is providing this incredible opportunity. You will be greatly rewarded with this experience.

Davi Kaur Khalsa, CNM

TLC Midwifery

Lisa enters the room. She is taking it all in, including her own responses. She is right there for the woman in need. She does this over and over again. You can count on it. You can count on her. Knowledge, hands-on skills, practical compassion, wisdom, and a yearning for genuine contact that makes for deep healing. Consider yourself lucky. No, consider yourself blessed.

Marv Treiger, MFT

Mind-Body Instutute

I have known Lisa for many years. I have seen her passion for pregnancy and birth grow in several ways. She is a loving and compassionate midwife, mother and yogini. Her spirituality shines through in all that she does. Mothers and families can learn a great deal from her about gentle conscious births and the potential spiritual awakening which can occur at the sacred threshold of pregnancy and birth.

Lorri Walker, CNM

South Coast Midwifery

There are certain special people in this world who really care, and have much to share. Thanks for the wonderful care you give.

Uyanga Davaajav

Birth Client, 2012

Thank you again for helping us have such a wonderful, memorable, and peaceful birth.  We love retelling our birth experience and always sing your praises.

Erica Gray

Birth Client, 2005

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