Childbirth Education

*Rites of Passage Childbirth Prep : 4 weeks starting April 29 – May 20th, 2017 ( see my calendar for registration )

Childbirth Education, Ceremonies, Mothering Courses

childbirth classes - Lisa ArshawskyThe road to motherhood is a profoundly transformative time in the natural continuum of life. This path, however, can¬†often feel disempowering in our health care system today. In the fast paced and highly medical model of birthing in this country, women often feel they are not to trust their own bodies in the birthing process. We have been led to believe that medical intervention is a necessity throughout pregnancy, labor and birth and this has led to an unnecessarily high Cesarean Section rate upwards of 35% in the US. Lisa’s style of Birthing Classes allow the couple time to learn how to thrive in this deep journey. With the right guidance, information, technique and practice, women and labor support partners often relate their birth stories in a much more positive and connected light. When allowed to move their bodies according to their own bio-rhythms, women throughout history have higher rates of natural labor and birth outcomes. But this does not happen without the proper education and support. Be a part of the movement by joining other women around the world and experience your very own safe and natural childbirth in any setting you choose. Start with Lisa’s Childbirth Prep Class and learn how. It is YOUR birthright!

1/2 Day Course: Hypnosis for Labor

Special consideration is taken for those too late to take a 5 week course, or second timers wishing to brush up. This course is held in the privacy of your own home or with other expecting parents during scheduled workshops. You will receive the following from this course

  • The synthesized Hypnobirthing program
  • Rainbow Relaxation CD
  • Labor and Birth Scripts
  • Follow up emails and phone calls included for your support

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Sacred Ceremonies

Do you feel the yearning to celebrate your divine pregnancy above and beyond the typical prenatal yoga or birth education classes?  Blessingway Rituals and Ceremonies are practiced in many cultures as a way to dive more deeply into the physical, emotional and spiritual realm of the soul you have brought in. This is a time for Mothers and Partners to join me in sacred circle for deepening, community and connection.

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Private and Group Classes Available. Please Check in below and through our Calendar to view the upcoming class series.

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