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Midwife, Doula, or Monitrice?

buckley birth 2People often wonder what the difference is between a Midwife, Doula and a Monitrice. In essence, a Midwife becomes your primary care provider from the prenatal care through the postpartum period. Whether your midwife is a Certified Nurse Midwife or a Lay Midwife, they can help you to have your baby in or out of the hospital and provide all services an OB can for low risk mothers. 

A Doula is trained in non-medical birth support and assists the mother and family with their physical, psycho-social and emotional needs throughout the birth process.

A Monitrice is an interesting combination of both of these. Monitrices  are either midwives or trained in clinical birth and can offer the services of a midwife in early labor while still holding the place of a doula. Unlike a doula, whose scope of practice generally prevents her from providing any clinical services, a Monitrice can perform early labor assessment such as fetal heart tone monitoring, assess vital signs and perform vaginal exams to assess cervical dilation. Monitrice services can be an invaluable tool as they are able to assess and monitor mother in early labor when there is no medical reason for admitting to a hospital prior to active labor. Early labor is often the longest part of labor when a mother is dilating from 0-4cm. When mothers are able to stay at home prior to 5 cm, their chances of having a normal and natural delivery are increased as they avoid unnecessary medical intervention during early labor.

I offer a variety of birthing support services to assist mama and family to have the best possible birth experience.

Home Birth Monitrice and Labor Support Services

If you are planning a home delivery,  I would be with you throughout the entire labor and Birth. When someone hires me as their labor and birth support, I want the best possible experience for my clients. I act as your support system during pregnancy, labor and birth. Because of this I require my clients to partake fully in all birthing preparation with me. Research shows that the more prepared a woman is in the prenatal period, the greater their success in a normal vaginal birth. It’s a mutual commitment we make as a team where I am fully committed to your experience throughout pregnancy along with the most successful birth outcome possible for you. The following are the services I provide as part of this package:

  • My 4 hour birth preparation class for you and partner
  • 3 prenatal visits. During these 2 hour home visits we can do prenatal yoga, mediation, practice labor and birth breathing , and discuss your birth plan. I also include nutritional support and Reiki for pregnancy at no extra cost.
  • Attending your labor and birth and up to 3 hrs postpartum
  •  1 follow up visit on the first or second postpartum day to ensure the most successful breastfeeding experience possible.
  • Monitrice Services

Fee for Service: Email lisa today for more info at

Early Labor Monitrice

Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth and already have a doula, a midwife or an OB, I can assist in helping you to have the best possible birth outcome by evaluating your labor progression at home.  By acting as a Monitrice, I would pay you a home visit during your early labor and assess your labor progress, your vitals, fetal heart tones and cervical dilation. This can be an invaluable tool by keeping you at home prior to 5 cm when home is the best place for a mother in early labor. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary medical intervention that is often unavoidable once you enter a hospital.

By having a Monitrice support your early labor you can be assured of greater chances of a natural and normal birth. This service along with the birthing prep course can be a great alternative when you can’t afford the services of a doula. Call for more information as to how this works.

$200/hr; usually only 1-2 hrs will suffice where I check on you initially and then return to assess a few hours later and determine your plan for when to transport to the hospital.

Lisa also provides the Services of a Doula for some of her clients. Email today for more info at

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