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Private Packages - Lisa Arshawsky

The purpose of a mother is to serve and support the soul of the child so that they have the chance to attain liberation in this lifetime.

The purpose of the child is to understand this chance and do their best to fulfill it.

-Yogi Bhajan

This is your time to discover who you are and who you are yet to become. I believe that pregnancy, labor and birth are THE most sacred acts a woman will ever experience in her life. It is a unique opportunity for deeper connection to yourself, your partner and your baby that one may not have without this blessing of childbearing. I know this from my own transformation into motherhood.

The classes, services and assistance I offer are a reflection of witnessing what has worked for others on this journey. AND in reflection of my own work as an RN and Midwife, I know my life’s purpose is to be the placeholder of deep serenity, calm and peace in order to best serve YOU and your family.

Feel Free to call or email me. Together we can design a private package that will best suit YOUR needs.

Prenatal Services just Right for you OR Postpartum Support to care and lovingly guide you!

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