Private Prenatal Package

Prenatal Services

  • Prenatal Yoga – I am available to come to your home and provide private yoga, and meditation classes to help you to feel your best. Check Lisa out teaching at a local studio.
  • Birthing Preparation for you and your family – 4 hour private session for labor, delivery and the initial postpartum period.  Whether you are delivering in your home or at the hospital, this course will fully prepare you throughout the process
  • Private Hypnobirthing Sessions in the comfort of home
  • Home Birth Monitrice and Doula Services
  • Hospital Birth Monitrice Services for early Labor
  • Nutritional Coaching specific for the Prenatal Period
  • Reiki Sessions with Meditation are the perfect way to to ensure you stay calm, focussed and feeling great

*Any of these can be combined into a private package that is right for you


Prenatal Birth Ceremonies

  •  120th Day Celebrations: The 120th day of your pregnancy is a sacred time that is celebrated in various cultures around the world. It is thought that at this juncture, the soul fully incarnates and emobdy’s in utero and thus comes more into their own consciousness. I facilitate private or small group celebrations that can include prayer, chanting in the Sikh, or Hindu Lineage, yoga and meditation. It is a time that each parent can offer a prayer or song to welcome in the soul of their beloved child. Great for early showers and for private couples ceremony
  • Peaceful Tribal Birthing Ceremonies: Tired of the same old baby shower? Or interested in adding a new element to this concept? Blessing Ceremonies are ritual ceremonies practiced throughout history where your community of healers, friends or family gather around the mother or expecting couple to bless their journey onwards. the mama tree offers private blessing ceremonies designed especially for each mother or couple. You may choose Kirtan, Sacred Chanting, Yoga, Meditation, Drumming, Tribal Belly Art or a Goddess Circle of Sharing. Surround your new family to be with those that you love.

*Two beautiful options to add to your private packages. We can design one together!  

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