Goddess Gatherings

The Season of the Sacred Feminine is Upon Us

goddess circle fire

Do you feel the calling of your innate wisdom to dive deeper in and reconnect in the ancient ways of our ancestors? Do you long for meaningful sisterhood?  Divine Feminine Circles are a way to align your soul and path through the ancient wisdom teaching of yoga, meditations, kirtan, sacred movement, ecstatic dance and more.

Diving inwards to connect to the sacred goddess is not only an essential part our individual paths but a profound opportunity to re-establish order in a world that is chaotic and unbalanced, a world that desperately needs the divine feminine to reclaim herself.

As Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation said:¬†“Women are the foundation of Spirit in which the future of Humanity is nursed”.

Lisa facilitates and hosts circles for birthday’s celebrations or as part of your shakti tribe. Call today for more information

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