Yoga for Addictions

Yoga for Addictions

Yoga - Lisa Arshawsky

Addictions are pervasive in our western culture. Most of us were not taught to take the inner path of freedom. Often we find ourselves caught up in various cycles of self-medication with food, starvation, drugs, alcohol, sex, and shopping to name a few.

I myself understand this cycle. I got sober at the age of 19 after a few years with heavy drug and alcohol abuse which devastated my family and took me out onto the streets in Canada where I grew up. From the age of 19 onward, I have been healing those addictive tendencies through a variety of ancient modalities where I am able to touch freedom and peace within.

Yoga is an amazing adjunct to recovery from addictions as it brings in the holistic and integrative approach addressing both mind and body. It is because of these ancient modalities that helped me to heal, I now offer my own support and service through private coaching, yoga and my addictions workshops and classes.  My life’s dharma is to teach what I know.

I combine a variety of healing modalities in my Yoga for Addictions classes that will support you to attune inward for healing. Some of these include

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